Apricot, Blue Cheese & Almond Bites

Apricot, Blue Cheese + Almond Bite-Title

Being temporarily relocated to Houston for a summer internship made me realize how much I need certain things in my life. I decided against dragging all of my kitchen utensils with me for the summer–thinking that it wasn’t worth the effort.

In the meantime, I’ve learned to be creative, embracing foods that require little to no advance preparation. Since I’m not a huge fan of processed food, it’s not as easy as you would think. Let’s just say that hard boiled eggs, salad, apples and Greek yogurt have made their way into my life in a big way. And while I miss my time in the kitchen, I’m learning to appreciate food in it’s simplest form.

I don’t know why this seems like a revelation. Aside from the convenience factor, I’m enjoying food in a way closer to how it was put on the earth and appreciating it that way. More and more, I’m believing that DaVinci was right in referring to simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication.

So here you are: A simple appetizer. Three ingredients. Ready in less than a minute.

Apricot, Blue Cheese + Almond Bite4

Apricot, Blue Cheese + Almond Bite2

Apricot, Blue Cheese + Almond Bite3

Inspired by Central Market Wine Tasting (paired with Chardonnay)

Dried Apricots
Danish Blue Cheese
Blanched, Roasted and Salted Marcona Almonds

One Comment Add yours

  1. thehrgirl13 says:

    I can still taste the zest from the apricot, creamy texture of the bleu cheese, and the almond crunch! Delectable!!

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